Reejig's Work Ontology™ Awarded 2023 Top HR Tech Product of the Year


About us

As a mission-led organization we’re not just building technology — we’re creating recurring impact and change for the better.

Our mission

We’re on a mission to create a world with Zero Wasted Potential in people, business and society.

We believe in a world where every person has access to personally meaningful work, no matter their background or circumstance. Every business can reach new heights financially and culturally as we unlock skills and potential in our people, and society can reap the benefits of diverse thought leadership and fair and equitable opportunity in the working world.

In people

In creating a world of Zero Wasted Potential, we’re focused on unlocking human potential and creating value that flows into every person’s life, in business, and into society. This starts with recognizing that people come with different priorities and interests, different skills, capabilities, and past opportunities; and with varying levels of access to opportunity and internal and external barriers.

Our goal is to help create alignment between every person and the work they’re doing, or could be doing.

In business

The impact of Zero Wasted Potential on business is just as great. Unlocked potential in your people can manifest as increased engagement and internal mobility, reduced avoidable turnover and attrition costs, and increased revenue when the performance and productivity of your people is unleashed. When your people feel more seen by, and connected with your business, your workforce isn’t just optimized — it becomes a workforce that top talent want to join, and stay loyal to, bringing together the long-term performance of your business both financially and culturally.

In society

We believe unlocking the potential in your people creates value streams that flow out of your business and into society. Zero Wasted Potential promotes upward mobility and opportunity for all by actively reducing barriers and increasing visibility and access for talent you may never have previously found, or who may not have been able to find you. It creates a new world where more people are able to access meaningful roles and maximize their potential; promoting economic growth, internal growth, and an approach that means leaving no one behind.

A note from our CEO

Delivering on our mission with the Reejig Impact Fund

It’s my life’s mission to ensure that no individual’s nor any business’ potential goes to waste.

I’ve spent over 20 years as a workforce strategist scaling teams for some of the largest major projects in the world, and have witnessed firsthand the impact of not having visibility of the skills and capabilities of my people.

I’ve been involved in projects where we were hiring hundreds of folks on one side of the business while letting go of hundreds on the other side. The amount of potential that was being wasted in our people and our business motivated me to change this.

That’s why we created Reejig, to give us true visibility of our people and their potential, even at scale.

When we don’t know who our people are, and what skills they have to offer, how can we truly optimize our workforces, build resilient businesses, and provide our people with meaningful careers?

Unlocking our people’s potential, minimizing unwanted turnover, and creating a workforce of Zero Wasted Potential is vital for every organization to thrive and be successful. Our unique workforce intelligence platform can support you in creating tangible value for your business and for each and every one of your people.

Reejig is passionate about creating Zero Wasted Potential for the benefit of people, your business, and society. That’s why we launched the Reejig Impact Fund, to create a recurring impact into society and ensure no one is left behind.

The Reejig Impact Fund donates Reejig’s workforce intelligence technology to veteran, skilled refugee and other underrepresented communities, with a goal to reskill, build new capabilities, and remove barriers to career opportunities for all.

The Reejig Impact Fund is our way of giving back to society by removing barriers to career opportunities for all. When people have fair and equitable access to personally meaningful work — no matter their background — all of society can reap the benefits.

This is just the start and we need people like you to join the movement towards creating Zero Wasted Potential in people, business, and out into society.

This is our moment, let’s not waste it.
CEO & Co-Founder