Reejig receives investment from Salesforce Ventures to unlock Zero Wasted Potential.


Join us on our mission to create Zero Wasted Potential in people, business, and society. Our mission to unlock potential in people, business, and society counts for our Reejiggers too — we’re need the best people to join us to create a new world of work and unlock their own potential along the way.
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Our values

Everything we do, whether it’s creating life-changing technology, grabbing a virtual coffee with a coworker, or collaborating on a new project, is driven by our Reejig values.

Keeping it real, together

We might be on a mission to change the world, but we’re all humans at the end of the day. Here at Reejig, we promote transparency, honesty, and empathy for each other through the hard work, the real times, and the celebrations.

Magic moments

Unlocking potential creates magic, and we love to celebrate it. Whether it’s a customer win, a good news story, or a milestone; we take the time to recognize every magic moment along the way.

We get to do this

We want our Reejiggers to love working here, and be involved in the journey we’re on. That means being open, inclusive, communicative and celebrating the company, the individual, and our next steps together, no matter what role you play.

Get shit done

Creating a new world of work can seem daunting, and that’s why we believe in just getting shit done. Focusing on the priorities, working with urgency and following through with reliability. If we work together and get shit done, we’ll be creating magic moments before you know it.

Our skills backpack

We’re big believers in everyone carrying a backpack worth of skills around with them. Whether it’s our founders, our designers, our developers, or our sales team, we celebrate every skill you bring to the table.


Chief Transformation Officer
expedition leader
animal lover


Enterprise Customer Success Manager
Creative writing
Makeup artist
Snack connoisseur


Account Executive
Wine tasting

Life at Reejig

Whether it’s magic moments, hackathons, North Stars, or karaoke, work-life balance is important to us. Our Reejiggers may work from anywhere around the world, but that doesn’t mean we can’t create purpose, meaning, and have some fun doing it, too.
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Current opportunities

We’re building a world of work that’s unlocks your potential, and we believe you can do that from anywhere. Our Reejiggers can work remotely, or from a number of coworking offices around the world on their mission to create
Zero Wasted Potential.
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