Reejig receives investment from Salesforce Ventures to unlock Zero Wasted Potential.

Reejig’s global partner program

Creating Zero Wasted Potential benefits us all. Reejig partners with a global network of purpose-driven organizations wanting to help their clients manage human capital effectively, and create Zero Wasted Potential in people, business, and society.

Join a new world of work with Reejig’s Global Partner Program

When you partner with Reejig, we work alongside you to solve the workforce challenges faced by the world’s most complex organizations. In partnership, we help clients unlock the potential of their workforce and crate a world with Zero Wasted Potential.

Who we partner with

Consulting partners
Technology partners
RPO/MSP partners

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Partnering with Reejig gives your clients access to unparalleled insights into the skills they already have within their organizations, the world’s first independently audited Ethical Talent AI, and an award-winning workforce intelligence platform.
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