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Nudge Engine

Drive change at scale through automated nudges that benefit both the company and the individual.
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Nudge people at moments that matter

Empower your people and reach them at the perfect moment with Reejig’s Nudge Engine. Whether you’re helping mobilize employees to internal opportunities, prompting the uptake of learning programs, or reaching out to external talent who are ready for change, Reejig lets you deliver hyper-personalized messages for win-win opportunities.

Learn more about your workforce with behavioral insights

Reejig’s Ethical Talent AI predicts critical moments in a person’s career and informs you ‘when’ and ‘what’ to nudge to drive change. Track deep behavioral insights from the talent you nudge to help grow your understanding of their work interests, priorities, and drivers to make every communication matter.

“Reejig provides Transport for NSW with visibility of the skills of our employees and nudges them to apply for open roles that really closely match their capabilities.  We’ve had amazing engagement with the nudge communications, more than 200% above the industry average.

Tessa Pittendrigh
Director, People insights & Planning, Transport for NSW

Automate and scale transformation business-wide with nudges

Turn insights into action and let your talent team reach the right people faster, without losing their personal touch. Through understanding the skills you need and when you need them, Reejig’s nudges allow you act on internal moves, reskilling, and new opportunities quickly through communicating with your people in their channel of choice.

Nudges empower your people towards meaningful careers

Reejig’s nudges allow you to deliver a consumer-grade career pathing experience to you people. Give talent visibility of internal opportunities that are the right fit for them, through personalized outreach at the time they’re ready to hear it.