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Complete skills ontology

A complete skills ontology aligned to your job architecture.
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Gain an unparalleled understanding of the skills in your organization

Reejig automatically extracts skills from every form of information imaginable — from school transcripts and CVs to data in your ATS, CRM, and HRIS and public profiles on LinkedIn, GitHub, and more. This means we have a contextualized understanding of everything from ‘soft’ skills like leadership to core competencies like Java, and can recommend the perfect candidate for your opportunities.

Plan for the future with a dynamic skills ontology to drive decision-making

Reejig takes skills taxonomy to the next level by building you a three-dimensional skills ontology instead. We showcase the interrelationships between the skills a person has and the skills required by a role, so you can identify skills adjacencies and fill skills gaps before they impact your organization. Our goal is to help you get the right skills, in the right place, at the right time.

“Partnering with Reejig is helping us to create true agility across our internal and external talent ecosystem, enabling data led talent capability and helping our team to unlock their full potential.”

Carmel Pelunsky
Director Executive Talent, Woolworths

A skills ecosystem contextualized to your job architecture

We know that every organization is unique, so we create a personalized environment aligned to your business needs. We map your current job architecture into the skills intelligence, and keep everything live and dynamic with our Ethical AI so you can focus on optimization — not updates. Don’t have a job architecture yet? We can supply that too.

Inject a skills-based approach to every decision you make

Optimizing your workforce starts with understanding the skills inside of it. With complete visibility over the skills within your talent ecosystem, you can throw away old-school talent strategies and take on a skills-based approach to how you find, retain, and reskill your workforce for the current and future state of your business.