Reejig's Work Ontology™ Awarded 2023 Top HR Tech Product of the Year


Automated skills profiles

Realize your ROI from Day 1 with automated skills insights that don’t rely on employee adoption.
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Activate and enhance the data sitting in your HR tech stack

We know your data sits across multiple systems, so we aggregate all your existing internal data and pair it with external data to give you one living, breathing central nervous system to drive every talent decision you make.

Automated people profiles that stay up to date

Reejig creates automated skills profiles for everyone in your talent ecosystem — from previous applicants to current employees, gig workers, and alumni — and keeps them updated in real-time, meaning you never have to rely on manual employee input for visibility over your people ever again.

Rich insights for every individual

We build you a real-time, dynamic, and high-definition picture of every person in your
ecosystem, identifying 80+ skills on every profile.

Known skills
Extracted skills on every individual
Likely skills
What skills someone is likely to have based on their profile
Technology skills
Technical skills from Java, to Jira, to Python
Behavioral insights
Ready for change and brand engagement indicators

“Reejig has been a game-changer... allowing us to grow, develop and retain our talent by having better visibility of their skills so that we can create a long-term view of their future project work.”

Anat Hassner
Chief People Officer, John Holland

Reejig gives you the skills intelligence to make strategic mobility decisions that align your workforce to the current and future state of your business

Skill adjacencies
Which skills or opportunities are similar to existing skills
Bridging skills
Which skills will bridge the gap from one job to another
Skills gaps
Where the skills needed to perform a role are missing
Learning gaps
What learning is needed to move from one job to another
Skills recommendation
What skills are recommended for next steps

Drive internal mobility and workforce optimization from Day 1

Reejig gives you unparalleled visibility over the skills that reside in your workforce to maximize the potential of your people. We identify skills gaps, bridging skills, and skills recommendations, so you can make strategic mobility decisions that align your workforce to the current and future state of your business.