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Ethical Talent AI

Make decisions confidently with the world’s first independently audited Ethical Talent AI.
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Independently audited Ethical Talent AI you can trust

We’re committed to ensuring our AI is used for good. That’s why we were proud to have partnered with University of Technology Sydney to develop the world’s first independently audited Ethical Talent AI. We want you to trust that Reejig will always empower you to make good ethical decisions — which is why we ask UTS to repeat their audit every single year.

Setting a new benchmark in trust and ethics

The only way to assure AI is truly ethical is by having it independently audited by a recognized expert in the field. Anything else is marking your own homework. Our independently audited Ethical Talent AI innovation has received the recognition of the World Economic Forum, honoring Reejig as a 2022 Technology Pioneer.
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We take our commitment to the ethical development and deployment of AI seriously and we believe you should too.
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Eliminate unconscious bias from every talent decision you make

We know that unconscious bias can sneak into any talent decision when teams don’t leave enough information and have to 'go with their gut', and bringing AI on can only further cement bias into its learning. Reejig’s Ethical Talent AI works to specifically eliminate bias from your talent data, giving you an equal, skills-based view of your talent ecosystem.

Manage your workforce inline with global employment regulations

Our Ethical Talent AI is compliant with global regulations on equal opportunity, anti-discrimination, anti-bias, and human rights, meaning all recommendations are based solely on skills and potential — not personal characteristics. We deliver you gender-balanced shortlists, diversity signals on candidates so you can hire talent inclusively and fairly.