Reejig's Work Ontology™ Awarded 2023 Top HR Tech Product of the Year

Career Paths

Let your people self-guide their careers

Show your people what their future with you looks like. Reejig’s Career Co-Pilot provides access to personalized career paths with options to pivot, stretch, and grow their career depending on the journey they want to take.

Create meaningful careers in line with your workforce strategy and your people’s goals

Reejig’s Career Co-Pilot provides the tools your employees need to understand where they can apply their skills and what to do to reskill or upskill for the future, in line with your workforce strategy.

Empower your people to design their own careers

Reejig’s Career Co-Pilot was designed to put the future of your people’s careers in their hands. Employees can easily self-navigate current opportunities, jump into learning programs, or see where a new pathway can take them.

Create personalized career pathways that drive mobility

Give your people access to Hiring Now, Transition, Growth, and ‘Reejig’ opportunities based on their skills, capabilities, potential, and passions. Open up career pathways with linear and non-linear options and career moves based on your job architecture and where you need employees to go.

Deliver learning experiences that match pathways

Make your learning opportunities matter with programs and courses delivered to your people based on skill adjacencies, organizational skills gaps, and their career pathways. Reach out and nudge employees for new opportunities to promote self-driven learning and drive the consumption of L&D programs mapped to the skills you need.

“Partnering with Reejig is helping us to create true agility across our internal and external talent ecosystem, enabling data led talent capability and helping our team to unlock their full potential.”

Carmel Pelunsky
Director Executive Talent, Woolworths

“Reejig illuminates the hidden talent and potential in businesses and solves one of the problems I have tried to solve for 35 years!”

Kate Mason
Chief People Officer, Coca Cola Amatil

“Reejig is helping us to reimagine the way we manage our talent with an innovative yet simple platform delivering the most incredible market insights.”

Sally Elson
Head of People, MYOB