Reejig's Work Ontology™ Awarded 2023 Top HR Tech Product of the Year


Discover all the skills you have inside your talent ecosystem

Reejig creates three-dimensional skills profiles for all your talent so you can find critical skills fast.

Gain 100% visibility of all the skills in your workforce

When only 20% of your employees ever fill out their profiles, it can be impossible to paint a complete picture of the skills you have. Reejig uses Ethical Talent AI to automatically create and dynamically update skills profiles for every person in your ecosystem — from external talent to employees, past applicants, alumni, gig-workers, and contractors — so you never have to rely on employee adoption again.

Find hidden talent

3 out of 4 employees will look for roles externally, even though the perfect opportunity may exist within your workforce. Reejig helps you prioritize internal candidates for every open role so you can unlock the skills you already have inside your workforce. We shine a light on opportunities that align to your people’s skills allowing you to drive engagement and retention with the talent who know your business best.

Reduce recruitment costs and speed up hiring

Spend less time sourcing and save on recruitment costs with instant ecosystem matching. Find talent who match the exact skills you need and let your talent team focus on what they’re good at; building relationships.

Improve the people leader experience

Give your leaders the insights they need to create high-performing teams. All within one platform, you can provide instant access to internal and external talent who match the skills profiles of open opportunities, and offer talent intelligence to help fill roles faster than ever.

Create a consumer-grade experience for talent

Reejig gives your team a competitive edge by automatically ‘nudging’ talent to open opportunities they’re perfect for. Get to talent in the moments that matters through understanding who’s most suited to your opportunities, who’s ready for a change, or who’s most likely to move, so you can create personalized and meaningful careers for all.
The impact of Reejig

42 seconds
The time to source critical skills, down from 13 hours