Reejig's Work Ontology™ Awarded 2023 Top HR Tech Product of the Year


Future-proof your workforce with a skills-based strategy

Achieve total skills visibility across your entire organization and get the decision-making support you need to launch skilling strategies and optimize your workforce.

Upskill, reskill, and multi-skill your workforce today, for the workforce you need tomorrow

Adapting your workforce to changing business needs takes 100% visibility into the skills that make up your organization. Reejig gives you the skills visibility you need to build upskilling and reskilling programs to evolve your workforce and unlock the potential of your people.

Address skills gaps early and develop the skills you need for the future

Gain the insights you need at an individual, team, and organizational level to fill skills gaps and plan for the future. Receive learning recommendations straight from Reejig on how to upskill, reskill, and multi-skill your talent based on their skills adjacencies and your future skills needs.

When the skills of your people evolve, so does your business

Strategically build learning opportunities mapped to the skills you need and the careers your people want. Connect personalized upskilling and reskilling recommendations to career outcomes that will skyrocket motivation and learning program completions.

Understand the skills ontology that makes up your workforce

Reejig builds you a three-dimensional skills ontology mapped to your live job architecture so you can see your workforce in one dynamic snapshot. Identify where your workforce needs to be in the future and create efficiency in your skills planning like never before.

Deliver personalized learning experiences for your people

Match your people to learning opportunities that make sense for their careers and your business needs. Reejig delivers learning experiences personalized to every employee’s skill set that gives your people the opportunity to grow their knowledge whilst bridging skills gaps and priming your workforce for growth.
The impact of Reejig

164% increased
consumption of LMS content and learning paths