Reejig's Work Ontology™ Awarded 2023 Top HR Tech Product of the Year


Your central nervous system
for every talent decision

With Reejig, you gain complete visibility into the skills and potential of your workforce, the intelligence to support data-driven talent decisions, and the ability to take action to get the right skills, in the right place, at the right time.

100% visibility of skills

Your talent ecosystem sits across many different databases, both internal and external, often leading to siloed and disconnected datasets and teams. Reejig solves this by integrating with your existing tech stack including ATS, CRM, HRIS, and LMS, aggregating the data and enriching it with publicly available data to create a living, breathing skills ecosystem that brings you 100% visibility of your workforce.

Reejig creates automated skill profiles for not just your current employees but every person in your ecosystem. From employees to previous applicants, contingent and gig workers, graduates, interns, and alumni, you gain complete visibility over the skills, capabilities, and potential around you.

Unparalleled skills intelligence

Using natural language processing and Ethical Talent AI, Reejig automatically extracts skills from every type of information imaginable — from job data and learning modules, to school transcripts and CVs, to public profiles on LinkedIn, GitHub, and more.

With over 400 million career paths mapped, Reejig understands how skills relate to jobs, people, and courses, and can give you full visibility over all the skills a person has — everything from their current skills and competency level to predicting future career paths.

Reejig uses all of this intelligence to build you a complete skills ontology that aligns to, and evolves with, your job architecture, meaning you get access to real-time insights and recommendations that are contextualized to your organization.

Take action

There’s no point in having great insights about people if you can’t do anything with them. Reejig empowers your teams to take action with access to unbiased decision-making support powered by our Ethical Talent AI, behavioural insight through our talent intent data, and a consumer-grade Nudge Engine to help you understand when people are primed for change.

We create hyper-personalized experiences for your people leaders, talent teams, and employees, so you can always be there in the moments that matter — whether that’s for a new learning opportunity, mobilizing your workforce, or developing their skills for the future.

We help you act with agility, design meaningful careers, and take employee engagement to the next level.

One intelligent platform powering unique experiences for your leaders, talent teams, and employees

Creating Zero Wasted Potential is a team effort, that's why at Reejig our central nervous system powers three distinctly personalized experiences for your workforce.

People Leader experience

Access unparalleled skills intelligence across your people so you can design meaningful careers for everyone in your team and unlock opportunities for growth and development cross-functionally.

Talent team experience

With 100% visibility of skills across the workforce, your talent teams can proactively increase internal mobility, find critical talent, and pivot your workforce to where you need them.

Employee experience

Help employees self-navigate their careers with personalized career pathways tailored to their skillset that showcase what’s possible and what learning experiences they can take to get them there.